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Apprentice Electrician

Mott Electric GP is actively involved in the five-year apprenticeship program offered through the Electrical Joint Training Committee. This is a combination of 80% work experience and 20% classroom training. Between each classroom session, apprentice electricians are required to complete specified hours of on the job training before advancing to the next level. There is an increase in wage at each level as they work toward their journeyman status.


A journeyman is a full-fledged electrician. To become a journeyman, an electrician is required to pass an interprovincial standards exam after they’ve completed the apprenticeship program. After which, they will receive a Certificate of Qualification, with a Red Seal endorsement recognized across Canada, and a Certificate of Apprenticeship.


Mott Electric GP has a robust internal promotional process for those electricians who want to advance in the field. A foreman is the leader for a crew on a job site. They’re responsible for the progress of the project and to make sure all safety and electrical standards are adhered to in the work environment. For those wishing to become a foreman, we encourage and help our electricians to take the Electrical Project Supervision (EPS). This three-level NECA program is designed to strengthen the abilities of project supervisors at all levels.

Estimator/Project Manager

For those electricians who enjoy the challenge of calculating what equipment, work hours, timeline and supplies will be necessary to complete a project and then manage the job right from the bidding process to final sign-off, moving into an estimator/ project manager position might be the right career path.

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