Becoming an Electrician

The best way to become an electrician is through the Electrical Joint Training Committee's (EJTC) apprenticeship program. This provides the opportunity to combine classroom and paid on-the-job training as you work your way through each apprenticeship level until earning your journeyman status. For complete details, go to the Electrical Joint Training Committee Apprenticeship section.

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Who are we looking for?

Mott Electric GP is looking for highly motivated individuals who can work alone or as part of a team. We're committed to giving our employees the best on-the-job training. Since we cover so many disciplines we can give our employees the ability to specialize in almost any sector in the industry or cross-train across sectors.

We're looking for leaders. We need foremen, site supervisors, estimators and project managers to ensure we have the experienced personnel to handle our ever-growing list of projects.

If you're looking to advance, Mott Electric GP is definitely the place for you. Apply today and submit your resume by filling out the form below.

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